Getting the House Ready for Sale

Jane and I have the opportunity to move on in our careers, but first we need to get free of our obligations here in NYC. The first thing and the biggest thing would be to unload the house we own and try to get the best price for it. That means fixing it and I think that the big problem is to find an affordable solution to AC repair in Manhattan, NY. The system in our house usually runs, but it also makes a very disconcerting noise at times. Once in a while it will do this in the middle of the night. Once it startled me and I leapt out of bed looking for something to whack an intruder with. Then it did it again and I realized that the noise was coming from up in the attic. Of course I can only guess what it is, but it seems like it must be the compressor that is going bad on it.

In fact it does not seem to be working efficiently, which is to say that the unit never seems to stop running and it is pretty clear that our power bills are a good bit higher than they should be. Obviously this is not something you are going to like if you are buying a house, but it is something you have to disclose when you sell it. You can not just ignore something like this in an age where people sue other people because coffee is hot and other ridiculous things like that. Not telling someone that the HVAC unit is probably about to die would be akin to inviting a lawsuit and no matter how it turned out you would be on the losing end of that deal. The only winner would be the lawyers obviously.